Thankful Stuff

Let’s see. What am I thankful for? There’s a crapload. Sit yerself down fer a spell and I’ll whittle a tricorder and a Maserati out of this here redwood tree while we talk about it. I’ll take a page out of Letterman’s book and do a no particular order of importance list here. (I whittled a cable box out of an Amazonian pine yesterday.)

First, and least importantly, I’m thankful that I’m me. It makes it much easier to use my debit card for one thing. But I’ve been me for a very long time, and I’m pretty content with who I am. There are a few things I need to change, but all in all, I’m doing okay. Sure there’s a little too much of me, but considering with my new job I can’t eat or drink anywhere near the control room, that’s gonna change somewhat.

Next, I’m thankful for the dogs I’ve had. Spca(pronounced like a Vulcan with an A at the end, my mother speaking onomonopaetically(use THAT for triple word score!)), Lint, Corky, the Goose, Casper—I like dogs. Wish I had one NOW. Oh, well. Soon.

I really like that I can drive. It’s good to be independent. It’s also pretty cool that I can drive Brian places.

I’m thankful for everything that happened in high school. Even the accident. Especially the accident. Pulling windshield glass out of my face when I’m really ticked off does wonders for intimidation. (As an addendum or something, I’m really thankful that Stace doesn’t like playing with my scars.) Besides, it’s really cool to talk to people about and see their reactions. It also showed me what I can overcome. Even the bad food at the rehab center.

I like that I’m still creating stuff. Whether it’s my stories or my effects work or stories to tell Brian or my poetry(Yes, I still do it, no, I don’t show anyone and yes, I can spell beauty now) the river still flows through my mind delivering new things to me like Oakenshield’s party in wine barrels. Only my ideas don’t complain as much.

Brian’s healthy, Stace’s healthy, pretty much the whole family’s healthy. Sure, Brian’s eyes still vibrate like big vibrating things when he’s upset or tired or concentrating, but the glasses help. I’ll get Stace back into therapy soon. Thankful that I can say that.


~ by Sean on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “Thankful Stuff”

  1. I’m glad things are going so well for you, and that you’re able to put things like the accident in proper perspective.

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