What’s Happening Now!

I have two jobs now.  I’m still part time at the race track, on weekends.  During the week, I’ve become a Master Control Center Technician.  I’m one of the ones in charge of capturing and inserting the local commercials on cable channels.  WAAAAAAAAAAY more money than the track.  Only two real drawbacks–my regular schedule once I get into it is going to be Saturday through Tuesday, 7 PM to 6 AM, and it’s about an hour from the house.  Advantage, though, we might be able to put Brian in the public school next year, save us a couple hundred a month, and it’s supposed to be the third highest rated public school in the country.

So, right now, I’m toast.  I’m going to try to get some rest, but I didn’t want my friends thinking I wasn’t returned by the aliens.


~ by Sean on November 18, 2008.

One Response to “What’s Happening Now!”

  1. At one time, I’d’ve said I don’t envy anyone who has two jobs. I used to do it and it was a grind. Now that I have no job, however, my perspective is a bit different. 🙂

    Just don’t burn yourself out, my friend.

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