Get Your Own Holodeck

First came virtual reality.  Yeah, that was an expensive phase.

Then came the announcement that scientists have created a stable-ish magnetic force field that can be used to protect spacecraft from particles and energy fields.  Just waiting for the Mythbusters test with a force field generator and a tub of ballistics gel.  (Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about?  Yeah, that’s okay, usually it’d make two of us.  But here–,2933,447327,00.html–check it out. 

Then came the CNN Holograms.  Somewhere Bob Picardo is scratching his head and wondering why he wasn’t called for this.  Please state the technological emergency.  Check it out–,0,3983935.story.  Help me Ted Turner, you’re my only hope. 

Now, as cool as these things COULD be to put together, think of the ramifications.  A run on HD cameras and tents.  A 3-D Jimmy Kimmel or Frank Caliendo in your living room.

Some internet troll(and you know of the ones which I speak) showing up pointing out that the meatballs you’re cooking in no way negate the fact that whatever the heck they want to argue ad infinitum and ad nauseum and add the battleaxe to the skull.



Of course, it COULD be a whole new industry if we can get our hands on it.  The world’s first interactive zombie experience that doesn’t leave you dead.  Ish.


~ by Sean on November 7, 2008.

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