So Have The Campaign Ads Stopped?

I mean, I’m glad the election went the way I wanted it to.  I think Obama has it in him to do the job that needs doing.  Had to run to the store to get chocolate milk, so, for kicks I turned on the conservative talk radio station for the three minute ride.  I heard how of COURSE he won, since the Democrats own the media, and how the Conservative Right REALLY knows what’s going on, and this that and the other thing.  Thought to myself, since I was alone in the car unless there was an invisible telepath there, “YEAH, that’s why he won.  Not because the last 8 years of a Republican administration have been less than peachy.  It’s because of the media.  People don’t see reality, they only see what THE MEDIA shows them.”  I really hope the worst of all the partisan BS is behind the country. 

Of course, I couldn’t help but wondering if, somewhere, have certain loudmoth pundits heads exploded?  Not beacause they’re conservative or Republican but because they’re LOUD.


~ by Sean on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “So Have The Campaign Ads Stopped?”

  1. *ring* *ring* *ring*



    Hi, Seen, how are you today? This is a call from your friendly neighborhood RNC office.

    Can we talk for a moment? It’s clear that ”President” Obama has been a spectacular failure since winning the 2008 election those many, many, many long hours ago. The economy is still in danger of a severe downturn, Iraq and Afghanistan are still in the sorry shape they were in under the Bush era and no new legislation has been passed to aid the middle class’s tax burden as was promised endlessly during the campaign.

    That’s why we want you to start now in your crusade to help elect Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity in 2012. If you agree to help us, we’ll send you a complete selection of Sean Hannity’s books free. And each and every one will carry a personalized autograph to you by the Great American himself.

    Need more?

    Well, we’ve gone that extra mile just for you, Seen. If you join the campaign now, we’ll throw in a copy of ’Sarah Palin: Model for a New Kind of Leader (Paperback) by Joe Hilley’ autographed just for you by the author and by The Goddess herself. Hey, and if that doesn’t work for you we’ll even throw in a copy of ’Nailin Palin” on a slightly used DVD.

    But you don’t need to decide anything now, Seen. We’ll just keep calling you every day until you break like the soft shelled egg that you ar…

    What? Shaun??? Well, how come you spell it wron…



    Seen… Uh… I mean Shaun? Are you there, bud? Well, no big deal. We’re calling you again tonight at 10 PM and at 7 AM every morning for the next four years so he’ll come around…

    [Sinister laughter trails off into the distance…]

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