Retro Time

Don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I just gave Brian a big box of my GI Joe stuff.  (The original Swamp Rat figure wasn’t amongst them.)  Also gave him the Millenium Falcon and some of the other Star Wars stuff.  This all got me thinking to those days of yon where I could play with this stuff and not get funny looks from people, and I also remembered my Adventure People.  Especially after Stace found my very first “video” camera, the one that came in the TV Production Van set.   I had a boatload of those, too, although usually the vehicles just got adapted to Star Wars duty.  (Hey, a boat or two and a TV production van goes a long way in fighting the Empire.)  And the three foot parachute must’ve seen duty with my guys from 1980 when I got it to 1997 when I packed up all the Joe stuff. 

BTW, writing types–action figures go a long way toward breaking writer’s block, Spaceballs scenes aside.


~ by Sean on October 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Retro Time”

  1. I can relate. I had the Fisher-Price “The Adventure People and Their TV Action Team” and “The Adventure People and Their Sea Explorer” playsets. Both were eventually pressed into Star Wars service. For some reason, when I was seven I thought the “T.V. Action Team” camera platform looked a bit like a tie fighter. It was hard to know what the overweight bald guy with the crooked tie was supposed to do, though. In retrospect, I imagine the old coot was probably always sexually harrassing the young, shapely African-American T.V. reporter. (I used her as Princess Leia until I got my first Leia action figure.)

  2. Micronaughts, Shogun Warriors, D&D figures, G.I. Joe and a few Star Wars figures filled my days of yore. I’d then use my Lego bricks to make walls, fortifications or weapons when I needed them. I actually made the machines from the first two G.I. Joe mini-series cartoons out of my Lego bricks and had the shooting fists of my Shogun Warriors save the world by shattering them into their component bricks.

    It’s scary that I can remember that…

    My Joes are in boxes in the attic. My Shoguns as well. The Lego collection is still going strong. I have every brick (and most of the instruction booklets) that I ever had and I’ve always been adding the odd “unique” sets (Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman, Harry Potter) to the collection for the day that I would have a kid and, now that I have one, for when he’s old enough to seriously play with them.

    Doesn’t stop me from the odd building splurge myself, but you didn’t hear that from me.

  3. I think I mentioned this before, but I’m pretty sure I flushed one of my “Sea Explorer” figures down the toilet when I was five or six. He never came back, the poor bastard.

  4. Talk about your career going down the tubes!

  5. “He never came back, the poor bastard.”

    Be thankful for small favors, Bill.

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