Undefeated No More

So, the Browns–yeah, the BROWNS, have ended the Giants’ undefeated streak. 

I had one of my feelings about this.  I knew going in the results were not going to make New Yorkers or Giants fans happy.  “But it’s Cleveland!” people told me.  Yep.  And Cleveland found a way to soil New York’s perfect record.  (Get it–SOIL–the BROWNS–Oh, nobody gets me.) 

Of course, no one at work’ll give me a problem about it.  If they DO, I point out GIANTS SUPER BOWL APPEARANCES AND VICTORIES versus EAGLES SUPER BOWL APPEARANCES AND VICTORIES.  Short arguement, usually ending in other people muttering under their breath.


~ by Sean on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Undefeated No More”

  1. Previous Super Bowl appearances and victories? Yesterday’s news. Past the statute of limitations.

    Right now, the BILLS are FIVE-AND-ONE, baby! Again, the BILLS are FIVE-AND-ONE! And they’re going to win the Super Bowl. You heard it here.

  2. Yeah, could be. Been a while since Buffalo’s been to the Bowl of Steel. No, wait, that’s in Pittsburg. The Bowl of Tomorrow?

    Isn’t there ANOTHER team in New York that’s five-and-one? Rings a bell…

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