What’s Been Happening

I’ve been SLIGHTLY preoccupied lately, and not with the usual “Work on the scripts get a new job get a new place I suck as a father and husband” stuff.

So, here’s what’s been happening.  A while back, Stace had a miscarriage.  Again.  Turns out it was twins.  Messed me up for a good while.  Now, women in her family have been pretty cystic.  She’s been getting cysts on her ovaries.  The doctors took blood(ick) and took one of the cysts.  The blood showed no sign of cancer, sigh of relief.  But then they analyzed the cyst, found some cancer cells.  To say I crashed and burned when I heard that would be the understatement of all time.  Turns out, though, everyone has those cells and they were all contained in the cysts, nowhere else, so she just has to get tested again in three months. 

I’ve also been editing for my sister.  Turns out that her house is pretty much in bad shape.  A few weeks back they all got together and filmed some stuff to get her on Extreme Home Makeover and Deal or No Deal.  Unfortunately, everyone ELSE could only get together to film all this stuff on a day when I work from 10 AM to 1 AM.  So, instead of having it filmed by the family’s resident professional video guy, it fell on my other sister and her husband.  They didn’t do a BAD job, but Marty didn’t shoot to edit or give me handles on the scenes, so editing that was amusing.  Also, they had the time stamp on the whole time, and that’s a no-no.  I ran it through After Effects to blur the time out.  Only took a day and a half to render THAT.  Then it was decided that more stuff had to be filmed, so we went over and filmed.

Now, I have a job interview Wednesday to maybe get out of the racetrack.  Cross whatever you can to bring me luck if you will. 

Also, back when I was young, I always said I was going to keep my toys for my son.  Well, I just gave Brian a huge box of my GI Joe and Star Wars stuff.  Christmas came early.  Except for my laptop, when the power supply ate itself.  Pain in the butt, but compared to what my sister’s going through and Stace NOT having cancer, well, I can wait to get a new one. 

I’m going to sleep now.


~ by Sean on September 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “What’s Been Happening”

  1. Sean, haven’t found the time to check out your blog lately. I’m happy to hear your wife does not have cancer. I can’t imagine the relief.

  2. Thanks, Micha. Yeah, I wore out a pair o; shoes doin’ THAT happy dance!!

  3. It was good to find out that things weren’t as dire as they could have been. We’ll be finding out about a few of our own “issue” issues in the next two weeks. For a number of our blogs’ mutual readers (both of them) who don’t know what I’m talking about; I’ll explain things later in print.

    Like I said on the phone, Sean, you can always hook our wives up via phone if there’s anything that Jenn can help out with about the cysts. She’s been dealing with them her entire life and is a walking encyclopedia on them. Besides, it’ll give them someone to complain to about them other than us. Double win!!!~8?)`

    ”Cross whatever you can to bring me luck if you will.”

    Yeah, I did. Thanks a lot. It’ll take weeks for the damned burns to heal up. Can I just pentagram something for you next time? How’d it go?

    Has Brian worked out yet that Jedi mind tricks don’t work against a ticked off Snake-Eyes armed with a sword, an Uzi and a hungry grey wolf?

    Hope things work out for your sister.

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