How We Started Part 1

Between the events of the last couple days and seeing the proposal post over at Peter David’s blog, I’ve been convinced to put down for at least as long as this blog is up the tale of how Stace ended up being my wife.  It’s a story of love, romance, bad directions, and MURDER MOST FOUL!  Well, not that last part.  Just wanted to make sure I had your  attention. 

Stace and I had been together for three years at that point.  Now, my sister and her husband had the condo that they bought right after they got married.  They were in a different, bigger house at this point, and were renting it out.  The people they were renting it to were going to be moving out, so Stace and I(well, mostly me, I think) thought that it’d be perfect for us to live in.  So, a few weeks before, I’d told my mom that I was going to propose.  So, THAT got a positive reaction, so far so GOOD.  Didn’t tell her about the condo yet.  Stace and I go out looking for stuff for the condo, pricing it.  There’s a jewelry place next to the store that we’re in, so I figure getting her ring size–GOOD idea.  A jeweler who was young when all the diamonds in his place were still coal sizes her finger. All good.   However, it seems that, unbeknownst to us, but now nownst, I mean, knownst to you, his eyes were even OLDER than that, so he read the wrong number off the ring sizer thingy. 

A couple days later, I go into a store, tell the jewelry woman, (much younger and better sighted than Jewelry Oldster) what I’m looking for.  She shows me a really nice ring.  Remarkably, it’s even the size the old dude told us.  So, I tell her I’ll come back, go to the machine, come back and I was the proud owner of a sparkly.  So, I’m feeling all big and bad and everything when I got home.  Tell Mom I got the ring.  She asks what I paid for it and how big it was and other stuff.  THEN she tells me, “No, getcher money back.”  Not QUITE the reaction I’d expected.  She then tells me about the Jewelry Factory, where they make the stuff there.  It’s not just a half-clever moniker.  So, I go, get the money back, and at this point I’m very confused.


~ by Sean on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “How We Started Part 1”

  1. And part two is where?

  2. Still waiting for Area 51 to classify below top secret?

  3. Area 51 is a myth. Everyone knows that the really secret stuff is kept in a small gstorage arage just outside of Pahrump, Nevada. I think Art Bell owns it.

  4. Uhm… “storage garage”

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