The Long Awaited SETI Post

Over at Peter David’s blog, SETI has come up, and I know everyone that comes here, posters and lurkers alike, has been dying to read what I have to say on this. 

I believe there has to be life on other worlds.  Okay, that said, first one to ask if I’m having the Klingons for dinner will get hit with a bat’telh.  For one thing, that’s stupid, for another thing, I don’t know if my old friend who joined the Empire still has his stuff, and finally, they taste TERRIBLE.

FIrst, let me tell you why I think SETI is worthwhile.  To do that, it’s STORY TIME!! Get yer hot chocolate and your blankies.  You’re waiting to hear if you got the Job To End All Jobs.  You live on a mountainside.  There’s only one bridge into town.  Now, in the midst of your call waiting, you decide to cut the phone line, burn the bridge, and hire several dragons to guard the mountain from anyone and everyone.  That’s what stopping SETI would be like.  The call may never come, but to miss it because we weren’t listening would make us really stupid.  I myself only occasionally consider myself stupid, and Bill Myers and Stacie have threatened me with bodily harm if I say that.

Now, SETI has it’s limitations.  For one thing, not many people wanna pay for it.  You think roaming charges are bad on the other side of the state?  Try paying for a call to Zeta Reticuli 2.  Second, we can only monitor for the communications tech that we’ve thought of.  Also, it’d be my luck for me to be watching when the signal came in, and I’d be in the other room making nachos. 

Some of my parapsychology stuff, books, DVD, CD-ROM, etc., claim that the Greys or Reticulans or Uncle Two Fingers from the planet Fuzzbop are already here, and they’re behind the moon.  Or they come here all the time.  Never been there myself, so I can’t verify that.   What do I think of Roswell?  Something crashed.  If the stories are to be believed, what they found on the Foster Ranch, not the Brazel Ranch you ninnies, wasn’t all that was found.  According to the story, the main craft and the bodies were found a ways over.  Again, I’ve never seen it, so I can’t verify it.

Now, something that I’ve wondered about for a while, if we DO run into EBE’s, are we going to recognize them? Maybe we’ll run into hyperintelligent corn flakes.  They’ll fortify your body AND your mind.


~ by Sean on August 30, 2008.

One Response to “The Long Awaited SETI Post”

  1. The sad thing is that SETI does a good job, but they’ve got bad PR. Critics need only point to the entire time that they’ve been up and running VS the number of proven contacts they’ve made to stir up a hornets nest against them.

    If they want to keep going; they may have to become a part of something else, expand their overall function or repackage what they are to sell the idea better to a new generation.

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