VACATION!!!!!!! Day The Fourth

A Saturday, where I didn’t have to wake up early to go work 15 hours.  And where my leg was really sore.  Bruise is now yellow and purple on my leg.  Red badge of courage?  Naw, purple badge of stupidity.  Even so, I’m still more relaxed than I’ve been since the massage on the honeymoon eight years ago. 

Stacie’s lip, completely sun poisoned, looks REALLY painful at this point.  Some people pay to look like that.  It’s so bad she can barely open her mouth to eat.  Add in all of our other sunburn issues, venturing outside on this day is the LAST thing we wanna do.  Brian was a little freaked out by her lip, told her to go look like she normally does.  So much for those collagen treatments or whatever people take to have big lips.  Another Christmas present down the drain!! 

Stace needs a haircut, and we need to take Brian’s pants over to get hemmed.  She doesn’t want anyone touching her head though.  Don’t you wish sometimes you could send your hair out to be cut? 

The day before, Brian got his DS game.  Stace got…something.  Besides big lips.  I got Revenge of the Sith, the last Star Wars movie I didn’t have.  On the way home from the mall, Stace had come up with the idea that we watch all 6 movies in order.  Before we could do THAT though, we needed some stuff.  Stace and I rock paper scissors’d to see who’d go.  It was a token one, though, since I’m a good guy and she was in no condition or mood to go anywhere.  First, I went to Walgreens, heard how both the pharmacists in the store were pregnant, (which was kinda obvious and really none of my business but I heard about it anyway.)  So, the more pregnant one tells me that once you HAVE sun poisoning, not much you can do but make the lips comfortable.

Great, I think.  My wife has terminal lips.

She then tells me there’s a cream that’ll make it a little easier on Stace.  I buy two, then go to Giant for munchies.  When I get home, Stace is waiting on the couch in the living room.  I’m shocked, really.  Stace is a creature of ingrained, unbreakable habits.  When we’re home, she’s in the bedroom.  I think she might’ve sat on our futon in the living room three times before this.  This way, though, Brian might leave us alone and we can munch.  Earlier in the week, we’d gone to The Meat Store.  Clever name.  REALLY good lunch meat.  Stace got her typical Santa Fe turkey, I got ham and salami, we got lettuce, tomato, pickles, rye bread, Kasier rolls, all kinds of good sandwich stuff.  We made a whole big production out of the sandwich making process.  Stace puts CHEESE on her turkey sandwiches.  Yuck.  Of course, she could say that about any number of things that I eat.

Sandwiches?  Check.  Chips?  Check.  Drinks?  Check.  Blanket?  Check.  Five speakers going in the movie?  Check.  For the first thirty seconds.  My rear speakers freak her out, so I turn them off.  For some reason, though, the dialogue is kinda low.  Turns out, someone under five feet tall who lives with us turned the center speaker volume down to -12.  I fix that, we eat, we watch.  We have a five disc DVD turntable, so I load it up with Phantom through Empire.  Stace makes some comment about me being all big and bad, to which the only appropriate response is me sticking out my tongue. 

I’m so comfortable that I actually drift off to sleep at one point.  A whole day at home, just watching movies.  Life is good.


~ by Sean on August 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “VACATION!!!!!!! Day The Fourth”

  1. “I’m so comfortable that I actually drift off to sleep at one point. A whole day at home, just watching movies. Life is good.”

    My dream vacation at this point. One or two whole days to watch whatever horror and gore that I want without my wife asking that we find a different movie or telling me that a movie is on the “Ian is in the Livng Room” banned list until his mid-teens.

    What sucks is that Brotherhood of the Wolf and Cannibal Holocaust are both getting new DVD releases with bells and whistles. I’m not even thinking about getting them any time soon because I’ll never be able to sit and watch them any time soon.

  2. Get either a laptop or a portable DVD player. Trust me on this one.

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