Free Will

This has nothing to do with whales, killer or otherwise.

One of the central themes, in fact THE central theme other than scaring the pants off you, is the control people have over their own mind.  Come to think of it, it’s kind of the central theme of Perception, too.  So, cheerful readers, no matter who you are, what do you think?  Are people, or you specifically, that self aware that you would know if something was making you act in a way that you don’t want to?  The environment you find yourself in influences you, green walls making you calmer, the sound of water making you have to take a leak, the site of certain people making me want to pound them into a fine red pulp with a gentle pink mist suspended over it….what was I saying?  Oh, yeah.

So, guys, whattaya think?  Are you cognizant enough to know when you’re being screwed with?


~ by Sean on August 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Free Will”

  1. After what I woke up to today…

    … I’m not really sure of anything right now.

  2. “So, guys, whattaya think? Are you cognizant enough to know when you’re being screwed with?”

    Yes, no, maybe and none of the above. I think we all think we are, but we very often let our own preconceived notions, paranoia and prejudices screw with us. We can be safe and sound and think that someone is pulling our strings to our detriment or we can be confident that we’re in firm control of everything only to walk into a rake, stumble away from that and walk face first into a wall and then bounce off of that and stumble over the cliff all due to the machinations of others.

    If nothing else, our perception of ourselves and our ability to control or not control situations is usually our greatest adversary. Most people almost never get it right and it’s amazing that we don’t make bigger jackasses out of ourselves more often than we actually do.

  3. This topic bring to my mind that same old question…

    Have you tracked down The Stunt Man yet? Trust me, it’s actually relevant to your topic.

  4. I’m watching it on Netflix tomorrow night! GEEZ!! Some people!

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