And Lo, After Years Of Struggle There Comes An END!!!

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve always KNOWN the end of The Movie.  I just wasn’t sure how to GET there.  Then, last night, watching GHI in the living room, doodling and writing down ideas and different ideas for scenes, when I wrote one about a guy on a motorcycle getting run off the highway by tractor trailers, then eaten by lycanthropes.  Then it HIT ME REALLY HARD IN THE HEAD and if I had batteries in the camera I’d post a picture of the lump on my head.  WHAT IF, I said to myself, WHAT IF INSTEAD OF WERES HE WAS MUNCHED ON BY A COUPLE OF THE DEMONS AND THEN THAT LEADS THE POLICE OFFICER TO THE CLUB???  So I feel pretty good right now.  We’re on vacation next week, so whatever I don’t get done in the next few days I can finish then.  Then maybe I’ll settle on a name for the stupid thing.  Then I’ll finish Triangle.  And Perception.  And the Lion Division comic book.  And then I’ll start recruiting people to help me film these things.   

Also, dear friends, if I could impose on you to think good thoughts toward me so I can get After Effects cheap on eBay tomorrow, I’d appreciate it.


~ by Sean on August 7, 2008.

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