Next Stop On Star System Tour

Titan has liquid.  That’s just really cool.  Eventually, it will be discovered to be a huge lake of Cherry Coke and Titan will be renamed Scullion after I move there and declare myself Benevolent Moon Ruler.

Oh, yeah.  They just said one of the Mars landers has found water on Mars.  You know, instead of the Mars landers finding it in say, Hoboken.


~ by Sean on July 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Next Stop On Star System Tour”

  1. Call me when they find gas at under $2 a gallon. I’ll pay for the moving costs for us all.

    I wonder how the weather on Spender Hill is this time of the year?

  2. Uhm, as I recall, Titan is already occupied by the Kree Supreme Intelligence. He may take exception to your attempt to muscle in on his territory.

    As for the Mars Lander, I’m glad it landed on Mars and not in Hoboken. It means NASA is getting better at this space thing.

  3. Personally, I think we should go to the UN with a proposal that nothing off this planet is ever named for anything in New Jersey. I can just see it now…the planet Bayonne, with its residents–the Bayonnettes….oh, the horror….!

  4. The Bayonnettes? I think I saw them at the last JMC talent show in Lunar City 7. Are they the ones with the dance troop full of three legged dancers?

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