Shockey’s No Saint

So, New York’s traded Jeremy Shockey to New Orleans for a couple draft picks.  There are two ways this could go. 

1)He’ll go to New Awlins, get down there, keep getting hurt, retire, and hopefully replace most of ESPN’s panel.

2)He’ll go to New Awlins, next stop Super Bowl.

There’s no possible in between.  But to be traded for DRAFT PICKS?  I’ve always thought that was, “Yeah, just take him, we’ll take whoever you might get later even if it’s the tech kid from the AV club.”

And for those of you that either think that might’ve been me in high school or those who were there, SHUT UP OR I’LL HIT YOU WITH A FILMSTRIP!


~ by Sean on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Shockey’s No Saint”

  1. Uhm…. So…. How about that Anderson Silva fight last weekend?

  2. I thought he was golden!

    Come on, you get it! Silva—gold—think Burl Ives!

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