New Story

Just struck with inspiration.  A locked room zombie mystery.   A couple people, a sealed chamber, food, water, power all there, very comfy room.  One of them MAY have been infected with whatever it is that makes the zombies, they don’t know who.  All they know is how much time they have before they start to zombify/


~ by Sean on July 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Story”

  1. Not trying to be a pain, but you might have to add a bit in there depending on what you wanna do. Any zombie process that’s not the 28 Days Later kind will take time and the person will see the change coming from a mile away.

    If they’ve been locked in there by an outside party as some sort of cruel test/joke; maybe they should be separated by a divider, essentially completely isolated from each other, at random intervals. An alarm should sound before they’re separated, but not before they’re allowed contact with each other again.

    A person might look at that differently when thinking about sleeping, dropping their guard or killing that poor infected bastard before he infects them. I think you could also develop more paranoia that way. One person disappears from the narrative and the other then begins to wonder about every little cough, ach & pain and unnecessary bead of sweat that the other person had.

    Strange thought and I’ll email you the reason for it depending on the answer; have you ever seen The Stunt Man?

    The question has a little to do with the paranoia comment above.

  2. By the way… Best Buy is blowing out the DVD for Versus really cheap. A movie you have to watch drunk to really enjoy, but it’s actually funny in its own goofy way.

    It just kinda popped in my head because of the zombie(ish) connection.

  3. Not a pain at all. The zombie thing might go out the window in favor of some other transmittable critter conundrum.

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