Ups And Downs

The past couple weeks have been eventful.  Found out some interesting things.  Found out that if your car gets backed into in the parking lot of your office, and you deal with the person’s insurance company, even though your car is getting fixed and you get a rental van to use in the meantime, it’s a royal pain in the butt.  Sorry for the run-on sentence, by the way, but sometimes I just get going with what I’m saying and the words just start coming out and I don’t know when to stop and then the sentence just goes on and on and on and on kinda like my college Algebra teacher whose major contribution to my quest for my degree was getting me some much needed catnaps every Tuesday and Thursday. What was I saying?

Found out that I was almost a father again.  Really bites it that they won’t be.  Was in a serious shade of sapphire for a good long time about it.  Should be coming out of it any day now.

Found out that occasionally, my persistence still pays off.  FINALLY got a call from the big sports broadcasting company around here for a job interview after trying to get in there for the last five years.  I find out Tuesday if I got the job.  Waiting with baited breath, since the guy I interviewed with went to Washington state the day after my interview.  Hey, wanna keep a tall Celt in suspense?

Found out that my son still thinks I’m the coolest thing on the planet besides Sonic the Hedgehog, a stuffed one of whom I won him yesterday at the fair before it got rained out completely.  Also found out that I give him major stage fright(a condition which I’ve only had twice, meself) whenever he’s reading around me. 

Found out, well, figured out how to do the transporter thing in After Effects.  Had the kid and my sister beaming in after all my ships were off the screen.  Boo’s now convinced that they really beamed down from the Enterprise-E.  No matter how many times I told him, “It’s the picture from your fifth birthday, Bud, really, it is, it’s hanging on the wall over there,” he’s still convinced. 

E-bay is very frustrating.  Been trying to upgrade some of my video software, so I keep seeing packages that just get bid the crap out of so that it’s way more than I want to pay right now.  I DID get 9 Trek audiobooks for twelve bucks, though, so that’s kinda cool. 

Found out that if you give your car to someone to fix some dents and some grating noises, and the window on the other side doesn’t go down, it’s a good idea to tell them that.  Had Stace’s car back since Thursday and the window’s STILL open two inches.  And we had a lot of rain from 6:30 last night to 11 or so this morning.  Surprisingly, the plastic kept most of it out of the car.  Wouldn’t you think, though, if you put someone’s window down on a car you were working on, you’d make sure you put it back UP? 

Brian really wants our next car to be a van.  He thought it was really cool that he had so much room in the rental.  HEY, KID, IS IT MY FAULT I’M 6’3″ AND YOUR MOTHER WANTED A STUPID TOYOTA COROLLA AND THE AIR CONDITIONER DOESN’T WORK ON MY CHRYSLER?  Oh.  I guess it might be, actually.  On the subject, thought, I don’t like Kia vans.  Way too much pick-up starting, nothing while actually driving.  And if you’re going to rent a vehicle, make sure you get everything out of it.  Found the last person’s Pearl Harbor documentary DVD behind the rear seat.


~ by Sean on July 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ups And Downs”

  1. Just bite your pride and deal with it. You know that you need the mini. You know you want the mini. You’re just afarid of all the guys you know in their cool cars pointing to “the old guy” riding down the street with a It’s a Big, Big World” CD blasting from the speakers…

    Oh, wait… That’s my future…

    Can you send me crate of vodka?

  2. Hey, I’ve wanted a mini for a while now, certainly easier to cart a/v equipment around in. STACE didn’t want the mini so I got the LHS which was as close to a mini as I could get….

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