Time To Take The Star System To Maaco


I didn’t put the dent there, so don’t try blaming me and my big car.  Have to wonder though if some of the wobble that astronomers see is other starts wobbling or us wobbling or a little of both.

Anyone else suddenly need Dramamine?


~ by Sean on July 2, 2008.

One Response to “Time To Take The Star System To Maaco”

  1. I’m not all that surprised really. I would imagine that two forces exerting unequal strength in two different directions would create an oval rather than a circle. Throw in all of the other factors and you’ve likely got a mess to deal with.

    “… the edge of our solar system appears slightly dented as if a giant hand is pushing one edge of it inward…“

    And then the edge ruptured and let all of the air out of the solar system like a big balloon. It even made that long, funny fart-like sound as it spun around the universe before plopping to a halt next to trinary star system of Cygnus. As the solar system lay there still quivering and shaking slightly, a powerful voice, more subconsciously realized than actually heard, disturbs the solemn moment of its demise.

    ”That’s it, young man. We told you to not pop those things in the car. You’re not getting anymore of them and you’re to go to your room without supper the second we get home.”

    ”But… Dad…”

    ”No buts! This is even worse than when you left that one planet under the faucet too long…”

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