Giggling Reporters Tick Me Off

Just ONCE, just FREAKIN’ ONCE, I’d like to see a report of a possible paranormal event on a news show WITHOUT the tongue planted firmly in cheek, “We-know-it’s-all-bull-but-SOMEONE-will-believe-it!”

Check this out.

Is it any freakin’ WONDER most people in any kind of authoritative position want nothing to do with this stuff?  And if that’s a Chinese lantern, I’m a freakin’ bearded gnome! 


~ by Sean on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “Giggling Reporters Tick Me Off”

  1. Hey, whatcha gonna do? You’ve got good and bad coverage of everything. The quick blips won’t change any minds anyhow whether they’re reporting the subject with respect or as the butt of a joke. Just like politics I guess.

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