Stan Winston

Other people(ie, Bill and Jerry) have spoken with far more eloquence on Tim Russert than I could’ve done. However, Stan Winston, the artist whose team brought us the creepies in Aliens, Jurassic Park, The Entity, Galaxy Quest, (face it, the list itself would be an entire site unto itself), recently went over.  The things that he helped create, the sense of depth, life, and realism(or sheer lunacy, if that was required) is unmatched, even in the digital age.  His stuff was one of the (MANY!) things that got me to want to make movies.

Rest well, Stan. 


~ by Sean on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “Stan Winston”

  1. I’d meant to write about his passing myself. I just let the week get too far ahead of me. Stan was amazing and his work was the stuff of an unlimited imagination. The world was made more magical by his being here and the world is now less for his passing. Fortunately he took like minds and shared his skills and dreams with them to help them develop their own visions and, maybe more importantly, inspired millions more who were captivated by the beauty, richness and terrors of his dreams.

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