Patterns are all around.  Small square tiles on a floor–I look at them and either the X pattern or a the pattern of dots on the five side of a six-sided die come out or some other thing leaps into view, even if all the tiles are the same color.  Anybody else have this happen? 

Anyway, climbing my camera towers yesterday, I noticed the trees again.  Something in the way they’re spaced out from each other, and the angle I was looking down on them from, a scene popped into my head.  So, that started me thinking.  With constellations, some are really easy to pick out.  Orion.  The Dippers.  (Sounds like a ’50’s quartet.  Up Next on American Bandstand–ORION AND THE DIPPERS!)  Scorpio.  Any of the others.  People see faces in tree bark.  What about those 3-D pictures you have to cross your eyes and look out the back of your eye sockets to make out? 

I’m pretty creative.  So, that started me thinking.  Is creativity just making new patterns, or seeing how patterns could fit together?  I’ve always wondered about bread.  Bread is simple.  But how did someone start to put things together, get dough, and what happened when someone said, “You know, this glop isn’t BAD, but what happens if we heat it up?” 

And yes, I know, me thinking too much is a pattern.  Shut up.


~ by Sean on June 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Patterns”

  1. It seems the human mind is designed to seek pattterns everywhere. Remember the movie “a Beautiful Mind”. In that movie the mathematician’s tendancy to see patterns everywhere reached the point of detailed hallucinations. So maybe it is connected to creativety.

    I think our mind has a special function looking for facial patterns. There is a neurological condition that causes people not to recognize their own face. I see faces everywhere, and I have good memory for faces.

    There’s a type of medieval magic that involves seeing demons in reflected surfaces, like water or oil or fingernails or crystals. People probably saw patterns on the surfaces that looked like demons.

  2. It’s called “scrying.” I’ve thought of using it in a bunch of stuff, but it just seems too easy a way to get information out. If you can scry an image of whatever’s causing the problem, why couldn’t you scry the solution? Too much deus ex machina. Or magica, in this case.

    Funny that you bring up hallucinations. My dad had a lot of them right before he passed. He knew he was having them, recognized them for what they were at first. I’ve wondered what that must be like.

  3. “I’ve wondered what that must be like.”

    Having done that due to meds once…



    do not




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