Kidney Stones and Shy Bones

…and I’ll be in Scotland before ye!!

Right after Brian’s party, Stace starts getting sharp pains in her back.  I’m thinking either voodoo doll(and, considering some of the people I hang out with, not too farfetched an idea, really) or kidney stones.  You can guess which.  So, I get all frustrated, no really, YOU, frustrated? you might say.  You might say it, but I’ll hit ya.  So, she’s all crouched like she’s waiting for the ball to be snapped, and we’re wondering where they came from.  Then it hits her.  “Could maybe the five bowls of cereal I had in the last two days be doing something?”


So, she’s in pain, I’m pouring cranberry juice down her throat, really wishing for a either a better way to do it or the sub from Fantastic Voyage, and she misses four shifts of work.  Finally, the Stones start rolling again. and all is right in the world.

Then it was time to take Brian to school.  Graduation practice.  Which he did last year.  Which he’s repeatedly informed us he doesn’t want to do again THIS year.  On top of that, for as gregarious and friendly as he is(usually, everyone’s his good friend) he’s got a shy streak a mile wide.  Certainly gets it from me, since I’m so quiet, reserved, and no one ever notices me.   And I’m a bearded gnome.  So, it’s been getting progressively worse as the week’s gone on.  Today I had to grab him by his legs and throw him over my shoulder like a stevedore with a load of fruit to get him inside, he’s fighting me all the way, until he hears Miss Emily’s voice.  That’s his teacher, and she’s really cool.  So, we get him downstairs to the lunch room, he doesn’t want to go in.  Because he’s shy.  Around the kids he’s been around for two years.  So, I tell him to relax and we’ll make a train, he grabs my back pockets and we eventually get in for snack.  Which he never eats.  Ever.  He eats it today.  I’m so confused.

And, yes, Chandlers, this is a warning fable for the two of you.  Look what you have to look forward to. 


~ by Sean on June 6, 2008.

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