Post Party Stress-free Relaxations And Ruminations And Some Comic Shop Stuff

WE ARE TIRED.  That’s the first thing.

Brian made out like a freakin’ bandit.  Not a bad haul for turning 7.  We got 8 pizzas, from someplace that we started getting pizza from in ’77, and I haven’t had since ’02.  Vince’s could teach every pizza place in Huntingdon Valley how to really make good pizza.  Felt funny to drive through my old neighborhood, but I realized as much as I miss it, I don’t know that I’d move back. 

Water balloons–fill them till they’re about to burst, otherwise they paradoxically bounce.  Also, Brian has a heck of an arm on him.  Pretty accurate, too.  My neice was astonished that in a water balloon fight SHE GOT WET!! 

Sheil and Eileen got Stace a birthday cake.  Thought that was cool.  Also thought it was cool that Stace could have some dacquaris(or however it’s spelled) since she didn’t have to drive home. 

I WANT to get Stace this picture-laser-enscribed-in-a-clear-cube thing for her birthday, but it’ll probably be a just-cuz present, since it takes 3 weeks to make and her birthday is in 6 days.  Might get her an I-pod in the meantime. 

Been playing in After Effects more.  Got one of my ships to shoot a phaser beam, but the glow effect isn’t working right.  Since I’m in a camera tower instead of doing graphics(a MUCH better situation, the lack of bathroom facilities notwithstanding) I’m going to play some more with it tomorrow. 

Over at Peter David’s blog, I mentioned there are several really good comic shops in the area.  My personal favorite, mostly because I went to high school with the owner, is Wade’s Comic Madness,  Close second, also in Levittown, Steve’s Comic Relief,  Don’t know why it’s a Myspace page.  Third is Bagged and Boarded in Bensalem,  Fourth is Brave New Worlds in Willow Grove,  So, there you go.

And, no, that last phrase wasn’t meant to have any significance other than, there you go.  If it gives anyone a nostalgic giggle, though, all well and good.



~ by Sean on June 1, 2008.

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