I’m sorry, but the psycho you’re trying to reach is away from his knife right now….

Hey, peoples, I’ve not been on-line very much lately, and I doubt I’ll be on much over the next week or so.  Been playing with video for work, and Sunday’s Cloneboy’s birthday, and the 7th is Stace’s, Rob’s, and Hope’s birthday, although only one do I really HAVE to make note of or I get shot.  So, if nobody hears from me for a while, I haven’t broken another windshield, not abducted no matter WHAT my voice mail says, and I haven’t gotten rich and famous and forgotten all of you. 


~ by Sean on May 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m sorry, but the psycho you’re trying to reach is away from his knife right now….”

  1. Well, happy birthday to one and all.

  2. Wait… You’re telling us that you’re not going to be here for a while?!?

    Party at Sean’s!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What can we make up…

    You all know that Sean isn’t here, the real reason that Sean isn’t here, has to do with aliens, probes, JD, sheep and a court date. You can fill in the blanks.

  3. Okay, real quick, just wanted to letcha know some stuff.

    First–Speed Racer party supplies–NIGH IMPOSSIBLE to find ’round here. Drove UP and DOWN 611 several times. And Cool Guy Not Graduating Just Turning 7 Wrapping Paper–SAME BOAT. SAME STUPID BOAT.

    Second–Stace really likes Thomas Kincade. The Willow Grove Mall has a print framed for $150. Gotta find the cash between now and next week. Which leads to–

    Third–I GOT AN OFFER FOR A FREELANCE GIG THIS WEEKEND!!! FOR ADOBE STUFF!! Sure, I’m working my usual 16 hours tomorrow and partying Saturday, but considering I just talked to the freelance agency last week, that’s good turnaround. HAH!!! HAHH!! Made me happy.

    Fourth–SO not in order of importance, but, Thanks, Micha. I told Stace you said happy birthday and she looked at me only slightly funnier than usual.

    Fifth–Borders. Complete Indiana Jones novels in one hardcover edition, 13.99. Go get it. Now-ish.

    Sixth–Party On, Jerry, just don’t scratch my DVD’s or wipe my media drive and leave me some Cherry Coke to restore what’s in my veins. And the Kid doesn’t like it when his stuff gets moved.

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