Video Projects

I love video work.  It makes me happy.  I think it’s really cool when I take a bunch of little clips and throw them into my computer and get out a movie.

There ARE, however, a few drawbacks.  Been teaching myself After Effects, a really cool program for doing effects.  I just did a thing for my demo disc of a bunch of starships flying around.  Yeah, I know, I’m a geek.  So, I’m playing with it at work and it hits me.

The Belmont Stakes is coming up.  We don’t really have anything cool at work for that.  So, since it’s the Triple Crown, I thought, we should have a three lobed crown, show the end of the Derby in one lobe, the Preakness in another, and then have a question mark in the third since NO ONE KNOWS IF THE STUPID HORSE WILL WIN.  So, talk to Rich, the boss, he likes the idea, so, I’m off and running.  No pun intended. 

So, I get the races on a tape.  Bring it home, try capturing it.  Static all over the freakin’ picture.  So, that’s a problem.  Clean the heads.  No better.  Still a problem.  I fix it by pulling the second VCR out of the living room(where I do my analog editing) and bring it in the bedroom and connect it.  It’s clean, it’s nice, the audio’s good.  Life is good.  So, I start chopping up in the computer.  Life is again good.  Then I realize it’d be really cool if I had not only the picture in the crown but a blurry, distorted image behind the crown in black and white.  (By the way, all these brainstorms happen much faster in my head.) 

So, that’s when I run into the NEXT problem.  See, the picture space I’ve got carved out on this dizzy crown thing is kinda small for each race.  So, I shrink the image.  Okay, problem solved.  But the stupid horse doesn’t stay in the stupid center of the stupid picture.  Stupid stupid stupid!!  So, trying to solve this problem, I realize I should have something on top of the crown.  I have a chess game on the computer, so I copy the knight out of the game, take out the background, put in on top.  Then I go pick up Stace and it hits me.  Don’t center the horses in After Effects, do it in Premiere where it’s much easier to move things around.  So, I do that. Get it all working.  But the stupid audio’s all garbled. 

Migraines?  Who said anything about migraines?

So, I take the segment that’s garbled, rip the audio out in Audition, mute the audio back in Premiere, then add in what I ripped.  So, somehow in doing this, more stuff got messed up.  So I had to fix that. 

Still enjoying every minute, by the way. 

So, the hard part, the chopping and masking and everything, that I thought would take forever, that took forty five minutes.  Drawing the crown and coloring it in Photoshop took another twenty.  The rest of the day I spent doing the easy stuff that turned out to be not so easy. 

Among the drawbacks–programs that suddenly shut down in the middle of exporting the movie, a Photoshop program that occasionally reboots the computer and precisely the most inopportune moments, having to wait while all the video renders, little things like eating and my eyes starting to cross from looking at very small parts of my monitor–

And I STILL had a really good day doing it. 


~ by Sean on May 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Video Projects”

  1. If you love your work whatever happens you still gonna love doing it 🙂

  2. Truer words never spoke….

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