I had a really, really, really crappy day yesterday. Really.

No one’s sick, no one’s dying, but still a crap day.

Yeah, I edited this.  Even for as bad a day as I was having, I know people who’ve had worse.  Unseemly to whine.  Still, it was good to get all of it out. 

Anybody wondering about my dad’s pen, yeah, I found it.  In a backpack the other guy leaves in the tower.  That was zipped.  Hey, if it was supposed to be normal, it wouldn’t happen to ME. 

Other than a red spot on his face, you’d never know about Brian’s fall.  Not the first time he’s fallen like that and gotten up with no problem while all the grown-ups around have heart attacks. 

Today was much better.  Found out that yeah, real live TV crew NEVER TALK except the director.  GOTTA get me one of those jobs. 


~ by Sean on May 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “BAD DAY VENTING”

  1. How’s Brian?

  2. He’s fine, you’d never know anything happened/

  3. So, everything getting better yet?

  4. Other than the huge bruises on his arms, sort of. Still don’t know anything about my car, but on the other hand, I did do my first spaceship animations today, so HOPEFULLY soon I can put After Effects on my resume. And Stace made me chili dogs. THAT’s always a good thing. And I still have my pen.

    So how’s things with you?

  5. Chilling out , working on stuff, shrouding Mike and Jeffy and plugging a great book ( that I think even “non-target audience” readers would enjoy to anybody that’ll listen.

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