Geometric Films

First things first.  No, that’s NOT the new name of the production company. 

For the last 18 years, I’ve had Triangle bouncing around in my head.  “What’s Triangle?” you may ask.  It’s a three sided shape, but that’s not important now.  No, it’s the story of two guys, a girl, an influential family, a boat, glass, and how one of the two guys is an overpriveleged, blade-collecting maniac who killed his ex-fiancee and is now going to try to do it again.  I’ve been working on this more off than on for a long time and now it’s on again.  Especially since I came up with some nasty lines and a really nasty situation for Max(your heroine) to extricate herself out of yesterday.

That’s what I’m working on now.  Well, not RIGHT now, since I’m writing THIS right now.  More the general now.  (First one to say they have a relative that served under General Now gets smacked.)  So, there you have it. 


~ by Sean on April 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Geometric Films”

  1. Stuck in a tower, very Rapunzelesque, all day, tried out a few scenes for Triangle. Wasn’t happy with any of them, really. Got through the whole club scene, then worked on the first of the holy crap my ex-boyfriend’s a complete maniac scenes. Just wasn’t feeling it, though. I even tried writing the beginning of the Act 3, where Steve reveals himself to be a controlling maniac with a blade fixation and no respect for anyone anywhere. Nothing much. I’m pretty frustrated right now, but notevery day can be a creative smorgasbord, I suppose.

  2. Came up with new complications for Max. One word–PAPARAZZI.

  3. The boat scene’s OUT. It’s too Julia Roberts/Ashley Judd.

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