The Blog Formerly Known As Nightblade Productions

Yes, this is it, the new digs.  Look around, put your feet up, bathroom’s over to the left, yeah, don’t worry about the door, it sticks all the time.  Yeah, I’ve decided to cut all ties with that Nightblade Productions outfit, not the kind of thing I’d want my name attached to!  I might just call it The Production Company.  You know, kinda like the Electric Company, but no Spider-Man.   So, here it is!


~ by Sean on April 16, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Blog Formerly Known As Nightblade Productions”

  1. Is this just the name of the blog, or is this also the new name of your budding production company? And why does it contain testicles?

  2. Not sure about the first, and because it’s a MANLY blog! Any minute now I’m going to break into the Men In Tights song.

    Huh. You know, I accidentally did something cool that might make this really GOOD as the name of the company. Look up at the top. Take the intitials. USS. I’ve designed(okay, doodled) enough spaceships that this could really work. Plus, SS–my initials. Well, how do you like that? I mean, sure, in that case, it’d be MeSS instead of USS, but still…

  3. Approve me you heartless B*****d!!!!!! I can’t post on the new blog!

  4. Still waiting…

    ….. Can ya read me now?

  5. Ok, that’s odd. I couldn’t post when signed in but I now can when not signed in?

  6. Hmmm. I seem to be psychotically…no, psychically receiving a message from Jerry….

  7. hey nightblade, it is Sara! dont know when u will get this, but just wanted to drop by and say hello! i miss you! ttyl! 🙂

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