Name Problems

Much to my chagrin and embarrassment, it seems that there’s someone out there who already has Nightblade Productions copyrighted.  

Crap.  Oh, crap.  Not my logo or anything, but still–CRAP!!  So, chummers, that’s the reason for the title change until I decide what this thing’s going to be called.  I was thinking Knyteblayde, which is something I’ve thought about for a while, or Skullblade–Skull, Scullion, get it?.  Knew I should’ve copyrighted it when I first came up with it, darn it all to heck.  And my big logo doesn’t have to change, it’s just the moon, the sword, and the word Productions.  What about Moonblade or Moonsword Productions?  Or should I just drop the whole Productions bit and go for something else?  Also kind of like Shadowdancer Productions. 


Now, the word Knyteblayde appears, apparently, nowhere on the internet except here.  What do you think of Knyteblayde Films?  Or if I want to go both esoteric AND alphabetical, what about Amnochlann Productions?  That’s Nightblade in Gaelic. 


~ by Sean on April 11, 2008.

22 Responses to “Name Problems”

  1. Skullmoon? Scullmoon?

  2. You’d have to ask my wife to be sure, but I don’t think ANYONE wants to watch me moon them, Micha.

    Skullmoon IS kinda cool, though. Of course, if I’m going to go through all this, I should, I mean I REALLY should, you know, actually do something and actually START this business as opposed to just offering it when people talk about it. I’ve gotten some decent work that way, but really I’d need to spend a bunch of money to do it right. Talk about a catch 22.

  3. How about simply Skullion Productions

  4. Geez, Micha, you and my wife are thinking the same things. I might end up going that way. Plus, something I was thinking last night, my NP was meant to cater to a specific type of personality–namely, people like me. There’s probably a whole lot more money to be had appealing to a wider audience. And considering a friend’s mother once asked me what that pornographic symbol on my dicebag was, maybe it’s not a bad idea….

  5. Sean, I ran into a similar problem with “The Victory Streak.” I initially wanted to call him “The Bluestreak,” but it turned out Marvel had not one but *two* characters so named.

    Before I weigh in on the name of your cyber-joint, I’d like to clarify a few things:
    — “Copyright” is a noun, not a verb. You cannot “copyright” anything.
    — The instant you create something in a fixed form (like typing a script, or recording a piece of music), copyright is bestowed upon you by law. Failing to register your work doesn’t mean you forfeit copyright. Copyright registration is nevertheless a good idea, because without registration it can be hard to prove that someone violated your copyright.
    — Copyright protection does *not* extend to names of companies like “Nightblade Productions.” What you’re grappling with is actually a *trademark* issue. As you try to come up with another name, I’d suggest you search the U.S. Trademark Office’s online database (I don’t have the url handy but it shouldn’t be hard to find) to save yourself more heartache.

    Frankly, I think Amnochlann Productions is a good name. It’s not easy to pronounce but it is unusual and memorable.

    Finally, while the name of your business is not unimportant, it is your output and your professionalism that will give the name value, and not vice-versa.

  6. Actually, I ran NP through the trademark office, and nothing came back. But I didn’t do the exhaustive search, either. So all hope is not lost.

    I should’ve said trademark, but looking at the guy’s sight, I saw “copyright 2008 Nightblade Productions” and for some reason as my mood fell down the stairs that’s what stuck in my head.

    Then, of course, there’s the OTHER thing I’ve been thinking. If you check the guy’s site, he does some seriously dark stuff. As Bill knows from seeing my one video, some of the work I’ve done is in that same vein. Now, as much fun as it is, that’s a REALLY small(relatively) set of people to appeal to. If I want to really do something where I can do this full time, I should probably go for something slightly less scary. Amnochlann works for that, since only those fluent in Gaelic knows what it means(and now, you guys.) But maybe, just maybe, if I’m going to really have this company and get paid money not food(since the majority of people are looking to save cash by hiring me, they know me, and they know I’m willing to work if they feed me) these are things I’m really going to have to consider.

  7. Sean, I hope my earlier post didn’t sound to persnickety. I wasn’t trying to be condescending. The overwhelming majority of people have misconceptions about copyrights and trademarks, and I thought sharing some knowledge would help.

    @Sean: “Actually, I ran NP through the trademark office, and nothing came back. But I didn’t do the exhaustive search, either. So all hope is not lost.”

    Registration is not a requirement for trademark or copyright ownership. If someone else has been using “Nightblade Productions” publicly, then he or she owns the trademark regardless of whether he or she has registered it.

    @Sean: “If I want to really do something where I can do this full time, I should probably go for something slightly less scary.”

    I disagree. In sales, we talk about identifying the “unique business value” of a product or service and conveying that to customers. In other words, what makes us different — and better? In the entertainment industry, I believe your “unique business value” is *YOU*. There is only one of you in this world (and if you make any self-deprecating remarks I will drive to your house and smack you upside the head). Identify your passion and what you have to say, learn to say it in a way that is entertaining and then get it in front of people.

  8. Scullion’s Skullduggeries, Inc.

  9. I agree with Bill. Amnochlann Productions is a mmore interesting name. It would make a good story if you’re ever on a talk show or on Actor’s Studio.

  10. First–Bill, when have you EVER known me to be self-deprecating? Well, BESIDE that time. Or that one. Or–screw it, beside ALL those times. And persnickety? I wouldn’t have called it that, but kudos on the triple word score. You just knew something that I learned in my business class way back when and forgot SINCE then.

    So, since I’ve been using NP since ’99, assuming that this other fellow hasn’t, would I then own it? What do you mean by “publicly?” Glad I put that first “l” in, woulda changed the WHOLE tenor of the conversation. Of course, if I DO wanna go less scary, I have Best of Tymes Entertainment that I’ve used for DJing. (Funny true story–did a friend’s wedding, told everybody to bring something they might wanna hear–we ended up with 16 copies of the Lost Boys soundtrack AT LEAST.)

    Jerry, the only problem with using yours is that it lets people know too soon that I’m up to something!!

    Of course, there’s also the I don’t wanna be a jerk factor. I really haven’t been as active with this as I could’ve been. If someone COULD make some money with it, I’d hate to cause problems. Also, it’s not like this other guy saw something I did(either the wedding DVDs or, um, any of my demo tracks on my laptop) and said “HMmm. Nightblade Productions, that sounds cool, I think I’ll steal it.”

    And, for anyone who might be subtly lurking around(you know who you are), what do YOU think? What name would you use? And, yes, I did think about LD Productions, or just straight Lion Productions, since I noticed in college that the last four in Scullion is Lion. (Go ahead, look. See?)

    I’m gonna have to check the laptop IE addresses for where I found amnoch. I just checked a few OTHER sites, and apparently oiche is Gaelic for night. So much confusion!!

  11. @Sean: “So, since I’ve been using NP since ‘99, assuming that this other fellow hasn’t, would I then own it?”

    I don’t know. Perhaps someone at the U.S. Trademark office might be able to answer that question, or they may have some documentation on their Web site.

    My suggestion: brainstorm some names, pick one you like, and then do both an exhaustive Google search (trying alternate spellings and misspellings, and variations on the name) as well as searching the U.S. Trademark office’s database via their Web site. If you can’t find anyone else using the name, and if you can afford it, register it as your trademark.

  12. Yeah, that’s what I’d pretty much decided to do. As time goes on, this Oichelann thing is kinda growing on me. Affording it is the real rub.

    If nothing else, this shows how complicated things can get when I don’t get off my butt and do things when I think of them. Stitch in time, and all that.

  13. Okay, did more checking, amnoch IS Gaelic for either late or night. So, back to Amnochlann. For now, like I said.

  14. I know I was advocating Amnochlann as a good name, but upon further thought I fear people’s inability to pronounce it (I’m sure some people will say “Am NOTCH lann”) may be a problem. Obviously, it’s entirely up to you, but if I may be so presumptuous I’d like to offer some alternate suggestions:
    — Cutting Edge of Night Productions
    — Sharpest Night Productions
    — Steel Moonlight Productions
    — Stab in the Dark Productions

  15. Another funny story along those lines. When I was little my mom took me to the doctor, signed me in with her New England Catholic school script, and twenty minutes later the nurse starts calling for Sam. “Is Sam HERE? Sam? Sam Sullivan?” Mom wasn’t amused.

  16. Stab in the Dark–nice ring to it, Black Adder connections, hmmmmm….

  17. Hey, feel free to use any of my suggestions. Or none of them.

    If you do appropriate one of my suggestions, I would ask for one thing in return: be happy and successful, my friend. Your success would make me happy as well.

  18. Return of the Dark Nightblade Begins III

  19. Ok. That one was silly.


  20. THAT one? JUST that one?

  21. Return of the revenge of Son of Dark Nightblade Begins III special edition

  22. “Stab in the Dark”

    That’s a good name. It sounds like a production company

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