My dreams can be funny things.  Sometimes, they’re scary and I get really good scenes out of them.  Last night, though, I dreamed I took Brian to a comic book/SF convention.  Peter David was walking around looking parched, Jerry Chandler was walking behind him saying, “I didn’t know you’d be thirsty so I drank all the water,” and they were apparently auctioning off people’s drawing tables.  So, I’m talking to my son about the different books and my Dad shows up.  We start talking, and at some point I say, “Aren’t you, sorta, well, dead?” 

“No,” he replies.  “That was just a cover story.” 

So, I start to tell him it was a pretty good cover since I, you know, watched him leave his body.  So he tells me that he and Mom are government agents and they built sophisticated automatons to appear to be dead.  So, apparently, this government agency has an office furnished in early Barney Miller right behind the convention.  Dad takes me there, shows me my desk and Brian’s desk, and starts to tell us that we were both born to do this job, and that my computer has all the information I’ll need to get started.  So, I sit down in front of a computer that I haven’t had in years and start to pull up instructions—

 And that’s when Stace woke me up.  Apparently I’m a creative type who my son thinks can do ANYTHING even when I’m in REM sleep.  I won’t even start to tell you the one with my ex-girlfriend in it.  So what do YOUR brains do to you when you’re in Dreamland?


~ by Sean on March 27, 2008.

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  1. Create nightmares.

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