Freaky Small World Stuff

So, Stace gets me Evil Dead 1 and 2.  I’m watching them.  That’s when it hits me.

My Dad used to own Ash’s Oldsmobile. 

Sure, it was green, and not NEARLY as tough, and there was nary a Boomstick in sight, but that’s pretty cool, I thought.

Then Ash breaks through the windshield.  I didn’t break THROUGH, but I did break one with my face.  Sure, I broke one on a Toyota, but HEY!  THE CONNECTION’S THERE!  RIGHT IN MY DAMAGED HEAD!!  AND I HAVE THE SCARS TO PROVE IT!  DON’T ARGUE WITH THE SCARS!  They don’t like it.

And then, of course, there’s my parapsychology stuff.  Which could sorta be related to what Ash does.  And I often find myself having to explain things to people who have no concept of what I’m talking about, like things with alloys and compounds and–and–molecular structures and things.

Now, seeing as how I’ve been down for the last week and a half, I had a Weird Al CD in the car.  Always brings a smile.  Or should I say ALways brings a smile….?  Now, one of the songs was Here’s Johnny.  About Ed McMahon.  Then tonight, I see an article about Ed McMahon breaking his neck.  Just for kicks, I look him up.   He’s from Lowell, Massachusetts.

Where Mom was from.

Sure, it might be matrixing, it might be coinkydink extraordinaire, but I see patterns like that I get weirded out.  More than usual.


~ by Sean on March 13, 2008.

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