The Light Shines!

Yes, friends, they’re putting up a new Photon center.  Smoke, lights, music, helmets, the Alliance, the Arrians, the—

What are you TALKING about, you’ve never heard of Photon?  Have you all(and my wife….!) lived under a ROCK?

Harrumph.  Fine.  Here, go look.

Or HERE, the first episode of the TV show:

Yep, the Center is back.  Unfortunately, it’s in OKLAHOMA!  No, not the musical.  Although seeing Hugh Jackman in the arena in full gear would be…amusing.  So, Stace’s best friend lives in Oklahoma.  Once the Center opens–ROAD TRIP!!


~ by Sean on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Light Shines!”

  1. Geek.


  2. And proud of it!!

  3. And, to further cement my geekhood, there’s THIS—

    And no, I didn’t shoot it.

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