With movie adaptations of novels or plays, occasionally changes have to be made.  If there’s a really good reason for it, usually I’m okay with it.  Lord of the Rings, I was really looking forward to Bombadil and all his scenes.  I can also understand why they weren’t in.  They didn’t do much for the story.  But when I see things like this–

I have to ask why?  Brendan Fraser I can see as the nephew, but not Professor Lidenbrock.  Why bring it to the modern era?  And why beyond either eye candy appeal or some ill-concieved romantic subplot is the guide now a hot blond?  Go underground long enough and her hair’s gonna get dirty!!  How much adapting before it goes from “Based on the story by X” to “SUGGESTED by the story by X?”  And don’t even get me STARTED on that Scarlet Letter abomination with Demi Moore. 


~ by Sean on February 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Adaptations”

  1. Gee, it had the name “Verne” in the source material. You expected them to actually treat the actual story he created with some level of respect? Silly, silly boy.

    Hollywood has never been big on being very faithful to classic sci-fi and fantasy novels and stories, but Verne, ERB and (in the case of any none Sherlock Holmes story) ACD are all treated as names for the movie poster and nothing more.

    I’d love to see a well done movie that actually is amongst other things, H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds rather then just a movie poster saying that the thing in the theater is H. G. Wells’ story. Fill in the blanks on your wish list.

    But, hey, it’s Hollywood. These are the same people who think that 125 minutes of half naked women, lots of explosions and huge CGI means that plot and character are optional extras.

  2. Actually, when the Tom Cruise version of WOTW came out, Stace picked me up one, set in the original era, that was pretty close to the original. Similarly, as I recall, the Jeremy Brett Hound of the Baskervilles wasn’t bad. I’ll have to dig both out and watch them again.
    “These are the same people who think that 125 minutes of half naked women, lots of explosions and huge CGI means that plot and character are optional extras.”
    Wait, it DOESN’T? Crap. Now I have to throw out BOTH my screenplays.

  3. Of course, if anybody in a producer’s role wants to produce any of my Lion Division stuff, either of the screenplays, Perception:The Motion Picture, or The Stacie And Sean Adventures Co-starring Brian, they can adapt whatever the hell they want, including turning me into a Muppet from the planet Fuzzbop.

    No Uncle Two Fingers, though.

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