Once again–Well, DUH!!


It’s a study that says people will spend more money when they’re sad.  That kinda goes along with the “Don’t go grocery shopping when yer hungry,” thing.  I could’ve told you that without either the video, the water bottle, or the 10 bucks.  Actually, I would like the 10 bucks.  Maybe it’s because I worked in retail so long or the fact that I’ve been sad at either a Trek convention or New Hope, neither a place where money lingers long in your pockets.  Betcha if they showed a happy video about a kid getting a puppy and winning a spelling bee people’d pay more for the silly bottle, too.  Don’t ask what getting a puppy has to do with the spelling bee.  Maybe it’s a really smart gramatically-correct telepathic puppy. 


~ by Sean on February 8, 2008.

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