What would YOU be?

This is a fun little exercise I do sometimes when I’m either stuck for an idea or really bored.  Picture your favorite movie/show/book/story.  Now, put yourself in it as part of the story.  NOW, stop, rewind, and imagine what you’d ACTUALLY be if you were in the story to begin with.  For example, take Highlander.  The FIRST one.  (If there was EVER a movie with no need of sequels–but that’s another topic.)  I’ve often put myself in there as a Noble Immortal fighting for the prize.  In actuality, though, on the immortal side, I’d probably lose my head in five minutes.  On the mortal side, I’d probably be the hot dog guy or the guy who loses his Nova/Duster after Kastigir bites it. 

 So, what about all of you?


~ by Sean on February 7, 2008.

15 Responses to “What would YOU be?”

  1. Goofing around on-line, found a listing for Ghostbusters novels(85 bucks on Amazon–Hey, I’ll take TWO!!) and then I saw this. I’m just sorry we didn’t do it first.

  2. Okay, yeah, I know, another youtube link, but the guy’s name is Gary Scullion, gotta keep it in the family. Ish.

  3. And might as well put a link to my work.


  4. “What would YOU be?”

    Alive by the end of a zombie movie.

  5. Don’t let Bill know or it’ll never happen.

    Ash, only much smarter, wiping out the Deadite Army in ARMY OF DARKNESS.

    Dead Guy #5, killed by Deadites.

  7. Well, at least you didn’t say Ashtray

  8. Or, for the Wipeout Reality, you could’ve been Ashes… boy, my wit’s really been off lately.

  9. See Mulligan, that’s why you would get killed. You over reach. You wanna be the hero and get us all killed in the end. You wanna be Ash and take on the Deadites. While that may be fun to roleplay, I have no problem saying that I would kill only as many zombies as I had to to get me and the family the hell out of dodge and some place “safe” and away from the masses of undead scum. Nope, I ain’t proud.

    Screw the Kingdom and screw Richmond. We’re headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains and then following them North for a bit. This time of year, the hunting is good, the shelter is there and the zombies, if they even wanna bother walking up the slopes, ain’t gonna be moving to fast even for them.

  10. Now, Jerry, you were in good shape until you said get out of the Dodge. NEVER get out of the car. Ever. And if you’re going to go Dodge, spring a little and go up to the Chrysler. It’s what I’ve been driving since 1990. And, considering my first one was undead, it’ll fit!!

  11. I drive a Chevy. Jenn a Rav4. Stuff Dodge.


  12. Eeesh, that’d HURT! Now I have to get back to work.

  13. Out of morbid curiousity, anybody check out my video?

  14. That’s odd, I thought I had. Maybe I did it in an email?

    Nice concepts for atmosphere, But I found it a little too on the vague side. There was a movie called The Wisdom of Crocodiles (renamed Immortality for DVD release) some years back that was directed by Po-Ching Leong. He had a very artsy tone to many of his movies and that style, while not on display at full force in this film, was displayed in the ad. It was so artsy that it was too vague and lots of people didn’t really know what the film was about beyond the most basic of ideas.

    That’s kind of how this struck me. As a teaser, it’s ok. As a trailer, I need a little more.

  15. I was going more for the teaser, “Hey, that looks cool, show me more” effect. Partly because I think that’s cooler, and partly because I did all this myself with no help.

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