Odd Introductions

Okay, time to ‘fess up, people!  What’s the oddest thing either you said or was said to you on meeting someone?  For example, there’s always my famous line when I first met Brian–“I am not a man, nor am I woman, I am actually a form of lima bean, take me to your corn, I wish to make succotash!”  Anyone else have any good ones?

 Yeah, I know I was paraphrasing Bosom Buddies, but at least it was a funny episode.


~ by Sean on February 1, 2008.

10 Responses to “Odd Introductions”

  1. I’ve been digging through my mind for several days now. I got nothin.

    My prob is that I don’t need odd lines when first meeting people. Just being me unnerves people enough. And that vibe tends to keep the really odd greetings from coming my way as well.

    What can I say? I make people nervous until they get to know mw better (if not outright scaring them.)

  2. I just mumble.

  3. What was that, Micha? I couldn’t understand you, and speak UP, man!!

  4. mmbbn nbnmb ghbnm

  5. Them’s FIGHTIN’ words, ’round here, Picture Man!

  6. So, guys, really, seriously, am I the only nutcase that says weird stuff on meeting someone? Have none of you, when meeting an attractive woman, gotten down on one knee, bowed your head, and asked for a quest, like getting a 2 liter, to prove yourself worthy to remain in her presence? Am I the ONLY freak around here?

    Second thought, not sure that I want you to answer that….

  7. Yes, you are.

  8. That’s…good to know. I win the Freak Award!!!


  9. Yep. 18th year in and row and going strong. 🙂

  10. I’d wear my crown in public but it falls off due to my Twit-Of-The-Year epaulets rising up my neck.

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