Really cool little stuff

A couple months back, I got the rarest of all things in TV making, as the kid calls it.  I got a call from a place wanting to offer me a job.  We talked, we laughed, oh, the memories….until that fateful question. 

“Do you know Final Cut Pro?”

Everything in me was screaming, YES!  YES!  SAY YES AND GET A REAL JOB!!

But the durn honest streak in me said, “Well, everything I do is PC based, not Mac.”  Needless to say, the guy I would’ve been working under is a dedicated Mac guy, so I didn’t get it.  So, I’d been planning to go over to CSB for Final Cut training.  Been planning on it.  This lit the fire under me, and the whole time I’m hearing Winston Zeddmore in my head saying “If someone asks you if you’re a god or if you know Final Cut YOU SAY YES!”  So, I get into school, tell Hope and Tom, and they said those lovely words.

 “You should’ve just said you knew it.” 

Well, THANKS FOR THE TIP!  Get your bricks to hit me in the head NOW!

So, I get into the class, meet Joe, tell him the situation and how I use Premiere Pro instead of Final Cut and what does he say?

“You should’ve said you knew it.  They were both designed by the same guy and they’re pretty much the same.”


So, I sit through several classes, kicking myself the whole darn time.  Final Cut and Premiere are pretty much the same. 

So, I record my voice over for the bike race demo(outside, since all the footage is outside) and take it to school.  Now, I thought I was being all clever, recording it onto a CDRW that I could just load up.  Well, turns OUT, Final Cut and Premiere ARE different because the Mac uses a different audio sampling rate!  I WAS VINDICATED!!  So, Hope takes my CD, throws it in a Mac, changes the sample rate, and then–(this is the point of this story) pulls out what LOOKS like a keychain.  She plugs it in, copies the new file, and then hands it to me. 

 That was my introduction to Flash drives, ladies and gentlemen.  This little hunk of plastic, shorter than my car key, holds more memory than my first desktop computer.  Heck, than my first THREE desktop computers.  I was intrigued.  I was fascinated.  I WANTED ONE.  So, I got on the phone with Stace, told her about my misadventures, and mentioned in passing the Flash. 

In passing?  YEAH. 

So, finally, I get one.  Plug in into the computer, copy the Carfax Abbey video and my new bike race demo onto it, along with some writing stuff, and I’m feeling all important. 

Then I lose the dizzy thing.  I’m thinking thirty bucks and two gigs down the drain, how stupid can I be, WAIT!  Maybe I left it at work!  (Or, maybe I threw it OUT at work….!)  So, tonight, a sudden inspiration.

“Look behind the bed….look behind the bed….”

So I do, and there is the tacky maroon lanyard that I put the Flash case on, and I don’t feel nearly so stupid now.  Except for checking everyplace at work that I’d been. 

Still can’t believe that it has more memory than all my old computers, though.  And I got one of the SMALL ones!!


~ by Sean on January 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Really cool little stuff”

  1. Wait… You are just now discovering Flash drives? I’m not even a computer person and I’ve been using them for a couple of years now. I’ve several smaller ones for moving images and files from home computer to laptop as well as a sweet little 2 GB ScanDisk Cruzer (Jenn has a the 4 GB) to take to work with me for report files and work projects and the occasional downtime working on my projects. You’re just discovering them?

    Oh, and you should have just told him, “Yes.” ~8?O

  2. Uhmmmm… I forgot to ask something before posting. How sharp do you keep your swords?

  3. I used to have a small flash drive that broke. Now I use my I-pod thingy as a flash card. I also have one with 5 GB for backup. But I’m not certain it’s considered flashrive.

    In israel they are called disk-on-key. Apparently they were invented by an Israeli.

  4. WHICH sword, Jerry?

    And yeah, just now doing it. Since I stopped working at the computer store with Stace, I’ve kept up more on the editing software but not really on all the cool little gadgets.

    I either heard or read in one of my video mags about disk-on-key, but since it was in an article on lighting effects, I really didn’t pay much attention to it. Beyond the obvious, “If it’s on key, hope it knows the lyrics.”

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