Cast a Spell(check)

Every so often, I check out the general forums just to get a laugh.  Arguing everything from gas guzzling gophers to school discipline to the whether or not paranormal phenomena exsist.  Two things I’ve noticed–usually there’s nobody in the middle on anything and usually my 6 year old has better spelling skills than these people.  If you’re in a text-based discussion, don’tcha think you’d appear more persuasive if people were concentrating less on why you spelled a drug “Ridilin” and more on your message?


~ by Sean on January 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Cast a Spell(check)”

  1. Skroo U and tha h8tr u r! 😦 U jzt h8t katz

    Evl Kitee Nio

  2. Yu sed it rite, Nio! Thatz wy I don’t lif wit dem ennymor!

  3. You know it’s a bad sign when the cats come out to play….although, anybody posting around here is a good thing, I suppose.

  4. Well, doing it again, and I just saw, among other entertaining vernacular distortions of the English language, the word dipthong being used as an insult. As in, “You’re a dipthong.”

    I’d actually like to meet this person. I’ve never before encountered human letters, let alone two together to form one sound.

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