Why I Do What I Do

Everybody so far that’s come here knows I’m a writer.  Always have been.  Always coming up with stories, always trying to tell people things.

 Well, I have a reason.  In school, I’d write to have something to do to keep from being bored out of my skull.  Now I write because people have been telling me I’m good at it for a good while now, and I’m finally starting to believe it.  But that’s not my reason.

My reason is my wife.  She’s more than my inspiration.  She’s more than my best friend.  She’s more than the mother of my son.  When I’m with her, I really believe that I CAN do this stuff, that I can finish the movies, that I can get my stories out there, that I can get us the heck out of Huntingdon Valley and into a place of our own.  Heck, when we were getting married, I told her I’d even get the blood test willingly and cheerfully, and considering that needles are one of my biggest fears, THAT’s saying something.  (Of course, when I found out we didn’t HAVE to do that, I didn’t argue the point.  I’m  a romantic and I’m in love, but I’m not STUPID, here.)  

She likes to play the part of the wallflower, never get noticed by anyone.  I noticed her from the first time she said those 9 words to me.  Yep, in the Annals Of Human Relationships, “This TV has to be turned up, you know,” will go down as probably the most original pick up line ever.  Of course, it took her ten months to convince me to DO something about it…but that’s another story. 

Nothing I write, nothing I edit, nothing I film would have any meaning without her.  Well, without THEM, now.  When I talk to her about what I do, she usuallyhas no chance of understanding it, but she listens anyway. 

So everything I do is for her.  Except when I screw it up. 


~ by Sean on January 27, 2008.

One Response to “Why I Do What I Do”

  1. So that is your secret.

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