New York Gets Trashed–AGAIN!

Went over and saw Cloverfield this afternoon.  Had a hot dog and some popcorn.  They were  good. 

 What, you wanna hear about the movie and not my snacks?  How odd.


 Now, in case you didn’t actually, you know, LEAVE NOW, I won’t put any spoilers in. 

 Since the Statue of Liberty’s head is seen bouncing around like a pinball in the trailer, that’s not really a spoiler.  But if the statue was sentient, you gotta figure it must be sick and tired of it’s head being used for dramatic effect.  Planet of the Apes, Ghostbusters 2(okay, it wasn’t JUST her head, but STILL—) and now this. 

I heard a few people complaining because the guy’s camera power ran for the whole movie.  Both of my camera batteries are at LEAST  two hours, so just watch the movie and quitcher griping!!  I mean, large monster attacking New York people have no trouble suspending their disbelief for, but a long-lasting camera battery?  Who’s gonna believe that?  Abrams and his crew apparently learned well from Blair Witch, the camera goes out of focus enough times to be believable.

 Now, I’ve been following this thing developing since people first started  talking about it after Transformers came out.  There’s a whole BUNCH of background stuff, like the Slusho! thing and Jamie’s ex-boyfriend and all the news reports that aren’t really touched on in the movie.  I’m thinking either director’s cut on DVD, sequel, or maybe just lots of special features on the DVD.

 If you take subways anywhere or are prone to motion sickness–well, see it ANYWAY!!


~ by Sean on January 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “New York Gets Trashed–AGAIN!”

  1. Gets… trashed… again? You mean to say that it’s not trashed all the time?

    Huh, I guess those rumors of that last hurricane going through and doing 1.5 million dollars worth of improvements was just a bunch of hooey. Oh well.

  2. Yeah. let one giant monster (or lots of either celebratory or angry. disappointed Giant FANS…) loose in the city and it ain’t someplace I’d want to be.

  3. Yesterday Stace got me the Matthew Broderick Godzilla. Watched it out in my tower today while shooting and writing. Who says multitasking is a lost art? When she gave it to me, I was all excited because, well, I like monster movies. Then, the smart aleck in me told her I’d have to watch it and write a Cloverfield VS. Godzilla review.

    Uh uh. Not gonna happen.

    Mostly because, apart from, say, large monsters walking through the buildings of New York City, knocking crap down, and suspension bridges playing significant parts in both, they’re NOT the same kind of movie. Godzilla is comfortable. Even though they changed the classic design, you kinda know what he’s gonna do. And most of it happens in the daytime. And Godzilla doesn’t have parasites. Or a subplot about A)a prior romance, B)a jerky reporter, C)a mayor trying to get reelected, or D)where Patrick Ewing took a shower.

    No, they’re COMPLETELY different movies.

  4. “And Godzilla doesn’t have parasites. Or a subplot about A)a prior romance, B)a jerky reporter, C)a mayor trying to get reelected, or D)where Patrick Ewing took a shower.”

    I’m pretty sure you’re being sarky from what I’ve heard about Cloverfield, but I still haven’t seen it yet. I leep hearing Cloverfield called “Blair Witch does the American Godzilla” and all that, but they’re really that much alike?

  5. Which, Blair Witch or Godzilla? The only comparison where Cloverfield and Blair Witch are similar is that the characters are the ones shooting the film. As for Godzilla, Cloverfield is more an event film, where Godzilla, like a lot of Emmerich’s movies, is, boiled down, a fancy disaster flick.

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