NEW YORK’s in the Super Bowl?

Yeah, THAT’S RIGHT,  I knew it all the time.  Nothing but faith in Eli Manning’s passing game, and now that Burress is playing more like his old self, things are good.  Shockey going down was the best thing that ever could’ve happened to this offense.  Strahan and the rest of the defense are tight, and they’re playing smart on both sides, not too many penalties, Manning’s getting it done, they’re gonna win the Super Bowl.  Brady and the Patriot’s aren’t gonna give ANY problem.

And the movie’s been sold, it’s going to star Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Sir Ian McKellen, and Kate Winslet as Annie. 

Sometimes it’s nice to live in Fantasyland.


~ by Sean on January 22, 2008.

One Response to “NEW YORK’s in the Super Bowl?”

  1. That’s RIGHT, world, NEW YORK WON!! Yeah, I knew it all the time!! Yeah, uh-huh, Manning is SO the MVP!!

    Yeah, I’m shocked too, but it was HEAVEN to walk into work in my New York hat and have everyone congratulating me (y’know, because I was SO instrumental in the win) and listening to all the hosers talking about “New York didn’t WIN, New England LOST, I lost so much money and now I have to WHINE!!!”

    Couldn’t get the grin off my face most of the day.

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