The Big E

The first picture of the Enterprise from the new movie’s on-line.  Now, when everything started popping up, all the spoilers and everything, I said, “Just wait, be surprised, don’t find out anything until you see the movie.”

Uh huh.  We know how long THAT lasted, DON’T we? 

 Actually, I’ve kept up on it, but a chance to see the ship, when there are so many people complaining about it, well, I couldn’t resist.  Having looked at the picture, I only have one word.


Saw a really crappy version of the trailer, and it STILL gave me chills. I am SUCH a geek.


~ by Sean on January 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Big E”

  1. Personally, I liked the video of Riker-as-cookie-monster better than the “actual” trailer.

  2. Which one was that?

  3. The OFFICIAL trailer is up on the OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE. Plus, if you click the little red blinky it brings up shots of the ship being built.

    I can’t believe I just typed “click the little red blinky.” SUCH a geek.

  4. The good version of the trailer’s up at If you click on the blinky and leave up the new site long enough, you see some interiors of the ship.

  5. And Bill just really likes gorgonzola.

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