UFOs In Texas

The stories about the UFOs being spotted in Texas are flying all around the internet like, well, UFOs.  Now, it could just be either the videographer or the amateur parapsychologist in me, but the question I have isn’t what is it, where do they come from, it’s:

Why is there no video of this thing?  

 I mean, I see something weird in the sky, I grab my camera and film it.  You mean to tell me there’re people out there that don’t keep a charged, loaded video camera within easy access at all times?  Strange people.  If you’re going to say you’ve seen something, people are going to either want to see it too or they’re going to look at you like you’re a turnip head if all you have is a story  with nothing to back it up.  Of course, nobody wants J and K to show up and flashy thing them, (we SO don’t need another sequel!) but still! 


~ by Sean on January 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “UFOs In Texas”

  1. “Why is there no video of this thing? “

    Because figments of a moonshine induced stupor don’t show up on film. Besides, the aliens are too smart to let themselves be filmed for free. Their agents have insured them top dollar for all of their appearances.

  2. Hmmm. With that kind of reaction, could it be that our supposed friend Mr. Chandler is part of a storied disinformation campaign? He DOES have official connections, after all…or could it be a really low cloud and some addled heads?

    Or maybe the greys figured, Texas, Lone Star State, must destroy college of goofy Brooksian Heroes!

  3. Are they campaigning for Hillary or for Obama?

  4. Geez, talk about a way to alienate some voters! “Hey, they got people who aren’t even from this PLANET supporting them, you mean we’re going to have REAL illegal aliens around here?”

  5. All right, now the military’s saying it was just their jets. If we had some VIDEO we might be able to see why people would think something ELSE!!!!

  6. Now I just saw some pictures supposedly from this thing. Typical news story fashion, rather than just show the pictures, which, granted, aren’t all THAT good, they rotate them and zoom in so you can’t see if there’s anything tp show the actual size and act like the people seeing this are a bunch of goons. Which is possible, I suppose.

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