Once in a while…..

Every so often if I get really motivated, I might even put up some of the stuff I’m working on.  Eventually, I’m going to get a NP website up with all my little audio and video edits for everyone to see and either offer me a job or be afraid.  Be very afraid.  (What’d I tell you about those movie lines, eh?)  Not tonight, though, it’s 10:09 pm and I have to get Captain Cloneboy off to dreamland. 


~ by Sean on January 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Once in a while…..”

  1. And we’ll be waiting with baited breath for whatever you’ve got to throw at us. Want a suggestion for a first script here? So what, I’m giving you one anyhow. I see it as one half Battle Royal, one half Debbie Does Dallas, one half Night of the Living Dead and two thirds Red Dwarf.

    Yeah, so what if my math sucks. It’d be a great film concept. You people just have no appreciation of genius.


  2. Battle Does The Living Dwarf, yeah, oooookay, then. And people call ME the weird one.

  3. You are the weird one. I just happen to be the strange one.


  4. Just so long as our roles are straight.

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