NOW You’re In For It!!

Yeah, that’s right!! Now I’ve got a blog!! Just what the world NEEDED,  a direct portal into the innermost workings of my mind!!  Whether it’s about the movies orThe Quest For A Better TV Job or just the odd things that come into my cracked cranium, well, THIS is the place for it!  And of couse there’ll be a lot of Trek and movie lines flying around, so watch yer heads! 


~ by Sean on January 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “NOW You’re In For It!!”

  1. And… Who are you again????

  2. I’m wearing a Cardinal’s hat because I’m Cardinal Chunder! I’ve an ostrich feather up my bottom because MR. Ostrich put it there to keep in the little pixies! And I’m grinning inanely because I’ve just about conned the two of you out of a great wad of cash! That’s right! I’m MERLIN the happy PIG!

  3. Sorry, Black Adder flashback.

  4. Hay, careful with those movie lines flying around. You can take someone’s eye out. Make sure to wear protective googles.

  5. Don’t worry, if I did take someone’s eye out I’d pay for everything, show it a nice time, and have it home by 9:00. Just don’t tell my wife.

  6. Man, they’ll let just ANYONE blog these days…

  7. What’s REALLY scary is they let me do this unsupervised!!

  8. Who, exactly, are “they”?

  9. The guys with the white coats that came to my house when I got the blog. They said that Jerry said “Hi!”

    Didn’t you get a set when you started your blog? Man, you got GYPPED!

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